Some Knowledge, some money but NO DEALS #Brooklyn

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I come to the realization that the House Hack is best served in an area the potential investor is most familiar with and wants to live in. Unfortunately for em live in the overpriced (and still rising) Brooklyn NY.  I am currently seeking a multifamily house (2-4 units) that can use some (or a lot of) tlc. I obviously have some healthy competition, however i have an abundance mindset and i know there is still some meat left on the bone. If anyone reading this just so happens to have that bone please reply so that we can see if our goals align and i can become a landlord very soon. Thanks!

Good evening @Meshael Eady ,

I totally agree... prospective house hackers should focus on areas they are familiar with and/or feel comfortable living in. Its a strategy that our team has used successfully in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn and parts of Queens as well (Jamaica, Ozone Park, Astoria). Clients have been able to significantly lower their living expenses by leaving their high-rent apartments for 2-4 unit properties in lower priced areas.

There is some meat left on the bone depending on what your goals are.

I'll shoot you a colleague request and maybe we can connect soon.

Best of luck to you!