Getting out the Navy, using GI Bill and wanting to invest in NYC

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I am about to seperate from the Navy and use my GI Bill and attend a college in NYC. I will get BAH but I am going to live for free with my family for free (lived their my whole life before the Navy) so I will have that BAH to do whatever I want with now that's only a little over 30K/year tax free but I don't want to just waste that (does not include any other income I will have). I have a house in Virginia that I been house hacking and plan to keep and rent out. I do plan to join a REI group when I get out there.

I want to hear from the community on things I should do to get into REI out there especially since it takes a lot of capital?

NYC is a very expensive market, so you need to come with significant cash. And if per chance you have a bad tenant, know that it will take 4 to 6 months for an eviction.