Shelby/Gastonia/Charlotte, NC Realestate Market

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Anyone dealing in these areas and looking to discuss topics, properties, mistakes, learning experiences, shoot me a message. Just wanting to make the connections and get to know people in the area in the same industry.


Tyler Watts

Sure.  I have property in Charlotte and interest in Gastonia.

Hey Tyler,

I'm a real estate agent/investor and am from Belmont which is part of Gaston Count. I focus all of my energy in the Gaston County market because I'm so familiar with it. Right now, Belmont and Mt Holly are BOOMING. These two towns are only about 15 minutes to uptown Charlotte and 20 minutes to Ballantyne and 45 minutes from University area. With all the moves to Charlotte and the fact that Charlotte is running out of housing, hordes of folks are moving to these two cities. In the last year, the value of my 1600sqft primary residence has risen $40,000 in value because of this boom. I just flipped on in Mt Holly and had multiple offers the first weekend of showings. 

As for Shelby, my best friend is from there so I've been down there a time or two, it's just so far away from anything that it scares me to even try to venture that direction. His father-in-law owns about 8 rental properties and they all stay full, but I'm not sure of the specs on those homes so I wouldn't be able to use them as a base line for anything. 

Corey- Thanks for the reply. We'll keep in touch and see what lies ahead.

Troy- thank you too for the response. I agree Gaston County is blowing up and the rental market is very strong. I had two properties rented, deposit paid in full before I ever closed on them. And your dead on about location. It's a central area to a lot of places and is a perfect place to look for investing.  I just purchased a duplex in Shelby and it should cash flow nicely once re-habed. If your friend ever wants to connect let me know. We all may be able to work together in the future.


Hello. I'd like to learn more about Belmont/Mt.Holly. I just looked redfin and the prices seem to be very first glance. I still want to do an assessment using the calculator but..still, please hit me up. I'll send you a colleague request.

Tyler- If you are interested in partnering up please let me know. I'd love to get involved in the area.



I'm a newbie in Greenville, NC.  I've bought one rental property in Wilson, NC. My father-in-law lives in Shelby and is interested in getting together and flipping some houses in the area.  Shelby does not seem to be growing very much...but I know Charlotte has been growing like crazy! We're looking for fix-n-flips in the Gastonia/Mt Holly area. @Tyler Watts @Troy Knight @Account Closed @Larry Sarpong Any advice for a newbie in the area?  Where are some places to stay away from?  Where are some great places to look? How do you find your deals?


hey Dwayne, it's hard to type the areas to stick to and away from. My GC company name is Local Knowledge and that's about what it takes to flip in areas like this because you have to know which neighborhood or zip code is good, and which isn't. Even in the bad zip codes, there are some good areas. There is a house on Oakland Drive in Belmont that might make for a good flip. Or Noles in Mt Holly. Check those out. If you need a realtor, let me know. 

I've scouted Gaston county a few times now.  I like what I saw, but I'm still learning.  I agree with Troy, these decisions are painfully local.   That said, start with school zones as the framework rather than zips.  Good luck to you.

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