Grier Heights, Thoughts?

4 Replies | Charlotte, North Carolina

What is your overall impression of this neighborhood? I have driven it, and I see a mix of cute, well-maintained houses with some kinda scary ones. Also there is a LARGE development going on between Wendover and Billingsley. They just tore down a large, low-income apartment complex, and some small SFH there. Is this a good "up and coming" spot? It's right next to some great neighborhoods with Eastover and Cotswold, so is it just a matter of time? Kind of all over the place, but just looking for your general impressions, and whether you would consider buying and holding a property there. Thanks so much!!!

this area has been on my radar as well. I've been waiting for the area to pop given its proximity to very high-end neighborhoods, but it hasn't really materialized. I would definitely consider a rehab project there but it would heavily depend on the street in grier. The "feel" swings hugely street to street.

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I'm a little late to the conversation, but I've been keeping my eye on Grier Heights.  About 5 years ago we drove through there and barely made it one street in, it was pretty rough.  I've driven through there a few times lately though and it looks safe enough and looks like there are some very early signs that change is coming- a few dumpsters around, etc.  I originally thought maybe the area was all section 8 b/c hasn't been much for sale but after some further digging, they are definitely individually owned.  I'd love to get involved over there if anyone had any leads.  I'm sure others have thought of this, but it would be awesome for a few investors to go in there and clean up the area.  Its a prime location!