Looking for Input on SC Suburbs of Charlotte

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Hey Gang!

I would love some input on what SC suburbs of Charlotte you think would be good for B & H.  Do you have any favorite parts of Rock Hill or Fort Mill that you think will continue to strengthen?  I have been centered in NC for quite a while and I am hoping to branch out into the suburbs.  What other SC towns do you think are solid for rentals? I appreciate your time in helping me narrow some thoughts down.

@Deb Jones is correct - If you were to purchase from an owner occupant - your property as an investor are about 3 times as much.  So figure that in your financial decision making.  Rock Hill or older areas of Fort Mill would make for suitable investments.

@Sloane Rowan Curtis and Deb are correct.  SC is not an investor friendly state. In fact, taxes for no owner occupant are so high it kills most of our deals.  I have a property that the owner paid $430 per year in taxes and I am now paying over $1200. Stick to the 2% rule if you decide to invest in SC.