Hard money contact in Charlotte, NC?

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Sure.  All of them :)
But i'm not allowed to post e-mails on here
But here are three, that we most frequently see

randy stone:  Equity based lending

Wendy Sweet:  Carolina Hard Money

Angel Rodriguez:  Longhorn investments

Hey Josh,

We also work with a lot of the flip and construction groups in Charlotte. 

More than happy to answer any questions  if you want to reach out directly.


@Josh Lyons We have a lot of investors who do buy & holds, but typically they're using us for acquisition and renovation then refinancing to more institutional lenders for the long term.

We're 100% all cash, so we don't do appraisals, credit checks etc. Basically, if the numbers make sense, we fund it. That's it. So, our type of lending is a bit better suited for the short term acquisition on the front end and not quite suited for the longer term financing.


Hi @Josh Lyons . We may not be located in Charlotte, NC, but we do give loans to that area! Our office is located in Teaneck, NJ. We have a minimum loan of $100K and can fund up to $8M. We have an interest rate of 8.5-11%, but charge no points. Hopefully we can be of some assistance to you. If you want to learn more about our business, you can visit our website at accolend.com or send me a message for more details.

I am also looking for a hard money lender to establish a relationship with in the Charlotte area. Open to partnering with a REI in this area as well. Tried longhorn, and Carolina hard money. The stipulations are a little tough, but working on finding a property.

Anyone have any connections with private investors willing to use their IRA? Would be nice to avoid points, just being charged interest.

-Garrett Thurman