Beginner Investor seeking guidance

6 Replies | Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi Everyone!

i have recently gotten into real estate investing and property management for myself personally. My family owns a rental property business that I assist in running and I looking to not only build my family business but I would like to build my own as well. I want to learn as much about real estate as possible and I am seeking someone that could provide tips/guidance or just someone to chat with occasionally. If there are any networking events in Charlotte, NC I would love to hear about those as well. Also if anyone is open to helping an aspiring real estate investor please let me know. Thank you!

Hey William! Hope to see you at Metrolina REIA on the 20th. Thanks for the mention @Don Harris. You will meet a lot of awesome people. And hopefully you can pick up a thing or two from my presentation. Be sure to come introduce yourself after!

@Don Harris @Chad Carson @William Simmons Hey guys...I live in Fort Mill and I recently started getting interested in real estate. I got addicted to Chad's website over the past week (thanks!) just educating myself on running the numbers for rental properties and analyzing deals. I was thinking about going to the event after work...this would be my first real estate event. Anything thing I need to know? Is this a networking event or more of a presentation format?