Cost Segregation Experience

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I was wondering if anyone here in the Charlotte area has gone through a Cost Segregation Study on a property (preferably commercial)?  I understand the basic process and benefits but was hoping to talk with someone about their experience and how it worked out for them.  

I am already aware of different firms (both local and national) that provide this service but was hoping to talk to someone from the end users point of view before sitting down and talking with a professional.

If you have done a Cost Segregation Study and are interested in talking over a beer or coffee please let me know!  Thanks!

@Chris T. I would be happy to speak with you, and I can give you names of a few of my clients to speak with (also active here on BP, but would rather not post their names publicly). Some in your area.

@Costin I. - Once I figure out how to send a beer through email I will, ha ha. With your CSS, were they done on individual SFR? I am looking at doing this with a commercial property but interested in any information you can share.

@Yonah Weiss - I will be sending you an email here shortly.  Thank you for your offer.

@Chris T. Yes, my CSSs were done for individual SFRs. Here are my lessons:

- My understanding is that price/value of the CSS should get better with commercial properties (or with more expensive properties). 

- don't confuse it with tax saving - the CSS allows you to accelerate depreciation (you get more of it sooner, and less of it later) so you have to factor that in in your tax strategy

- it's good to have CSS done when you replace an item (you'll be able to claim loss deductions)

- there is also an inheritance benefit - your heirs will benefit from a CSS in place.

Maybe @Wes Mabry can offer more advice.

Hi Chris,

Get in touch with Chris Wetherall, he will help walk you through it.  There is a great Wheelbarrow Profits on cost seg that you might find informative.