Direct mail marketing company referral.

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Hello.  I'm looking to purchase mailing addresses for non owner occupied properties in the Charlotte area.  I know there are many companies, but fear many may have bogus addresses or owner occupied properties, etc.  I intend to send post cards and use bulk rate postage.  My understanding is that if I send first rate, any bad addresses will be returned to me, but not with bulk rate, so I will not know which addresses are bad.  In the past, I have done the hard work myself, going through the GIS system, and sending out actual letters with stamps.  I want to put out a much larger mailing, maybe 1000 or more at a time, so thought I would give this a try.   Doing it myself takes a very long time. Does anyone have any experience with a good company they would share?  Or even some general feedback or tips?  Thanks in advance.  

Thanks to everyone so far(@Michael Quarles , @Josh Stack , @McKinley Carbone).  I'm doing some research now for absentee owner lists.  I'm sure I will reach out to those suggested.  Please keep them coming.  Can anyone offer tips on the most efficient way to put these together?  I thought I would use VistaPrint to generate the postcards and use them to mail my provided mailing lists.  Is it as easy as that?  

@Steve Maginnis You can work with a mailing list broker - and pay about the same or less than with one of the online sites. A good Absentee (non-owner occupied) list is sourced through county records and are identified as the owner having a separate primary mailing address from the property. 

One way to assure better deliverability is to get a list that has been run through postal certifications. Two to ask about are National Change of Address (NCOA) and CASS Certification (assures that it is a "deliverable" address)

Charlotte is a fairly competitive market when it comes to competing with other investors. It's likely that some of these owners are already getting multiple offers. A list broker can suggest some other lists to combine in - such as Homeowners with Low Financial Stability Scores (FSS) or Seniors with 20+ year Ownership.