Mecklenburg County NC Lot Division

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Hey all, 

Its been a while since I have been back, new year, going to try to get on here and contribute more.

I was trying to search through the forums but couldn't seem to find what I was looking for, so hopefully some here can point me in the right direction. 

I am currently looking at a lot in Charlotte which I would like do subdivide into 3 lots, but I am not sure what the process is with the city and Mecklenburg County. I do have a call in to planning to see if they can provide some insight, but I am sure someone here has done it in the past. It is zoned to allow for a higher density so I don't need to change that, I'm simply looking to divide one lot to three.

In Lancaster County, SC all you have to do is have it resurveyed and file the new plat with the county, but I am imagining Mecklenburg will not be that simple. Any advice pointing me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated!

Since nobody answered and in case someone in the future has the same question, here is what I found.

Basically call the zoning department. They are more than willing to work with you to see if what you want to subdivide will qualify based on current zoning. If it looks like it can, a surveyor can go out, survey and they also verify it complies with zoning, and they submit the new plat maps directly to Mecklenburg County. It is a lot easier than I thought, but unfortunately the lot I was looking at was about 500 sq ft too small to divide 3 ways and dividing it into 2 didn't make as much sense.

@Ashley Massis Class if you are dividing into more than four lots (I think, don't quote me) there are a lot of other requirements because at that point they consider you a "subdivision". If you are dividing a lot into four or less, it is determined by the zoning of the lot. You need to divide and maintain the required density. For example, the lot I was looking at was zoned R-5, meaning you can have 5 lots per acre (every county has different names for their zoning codes too). In order to divide that single lot into 3 lots, the minimum starting lot size would have to be 0.6 acres, or 26,136 sq ft.