Anyone understand how to leverage?

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Hello! My name is Jack Sweeter and I recently turned 18 years old. I am looking for somebody in the Charlotte area who knows how to leverage properties and can teach me to do so. 


Jack Sweeter

Hello Jack!  You probably do not need to know anyone to teach leverage.  It's one of the basic knowledges about being in real estate but it means to borrow against your investment or other asset that gives you the down payment and thinks your profit on it will make any debt payments after all other operating expenses are paid so much each month.  Its a way to invest in something that makes the debt payment after all other operating expenses each month and still leaves money in your profit which might be $100 and up per unit.  Is your time and effort worth so much you make on each unit is worth messing with.

Some believe in debt as long as you get a positive profit in your pocket and there are those that think any debt is bad.  It depends on what you think and live by.  This is where your goals come into play.  Most real estate investment depends on how you take it.  How much risk are you willing to take will usually be a part of it along with your education and experience.  Only learn from those who have actually done what they're teaching.  Just to let you know you are getting this opinion from a person that was a licensed Texas broker and a construction manager for about 30 years.  Good luck to you!