Deals on granite countertops?

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Hello. Does anyone have a contact for a decent granite countertop installer? It is for a house we are going to sell, so price is my biggest factor.  I have a quote for $41(tax, labor, material demo included).  I only have 38 sq. ft. split among four pieces with one double sink.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks, Steve. 

@Steve Maginnis

Ask them what they’ve got for remnant pieces that are similar in colour/ thickness. Throw a seem in there at the sink if it’s not an A class rental tenants likely won’t even bat an eye. Price should be a fraction of the original quote using leftover pieces they’ll have trouble selling anyway. I do quartz for cheaper than laminate this way.

Hey @Danny Lambert .  I ended up going with MC Granite countertops.  We have 38 sq. ft. of countertop. Total charge is $1400 with tax, installation, double bowl undermount sink, old countertop removal and haul away.  The next best price I found was $1600, and did not include countertop removal.  I went with Luna Pearl.