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Hey bigger pockets Im trying to figure out does anyone in Raleigh North Carolina know if you can obtain probate information online or do you have to retrieve them from the courthouse I know its different in different states.

What information are you looking for exactly?

In Mecklenburg county you have to obtain from courthouse. Not available online. Not sure if that applies to all counties in the state or if it varies county to county.

@Jim Brewer I'm looking for will and estate probate information I'm wondering is it available online for wake county or another county in North Carolina

In wake county you have to go to the courthouse. I don't know of any counties that post much info online. Every county should have all the property info posted near the entrance of the court house. Some counties are easier than others when it comes to viewing bid information though.

Probate info is not online in any NC county. There are some software problems that allow you to access certain estate information but even those programs do not provide copies of filed documents.

Courthouse but have you tried reaching out to a attorney ho handles probates in the area? You may have to get creative with what you can offer to add value to the relationship but it's worth building one if you can.

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