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Hi my name is Kris, I am a new investor looking to acquire properties in the Raleigh North Carolina and surrounding areas. I currently work in Raleigh as a network engineer, but my real passion is real estate and eventually building a portfolio of rental properties and become a full time Real Estate Investor within the next year or two. I’m looking to connect with other investors, wholesalers, real estate agents, and like minded individuals. Any tips, tricks, comments, or suggestions would be most appreciated.....feel free to connect with me as well.

Welcome to the community @Kris Nicholson ! It's a great resource for information and help! The competition in Raleigh is definitely stepping up with the market so hopefully you have a clear vision and strategy to get started with a solid financing plan to move forward fast!

@Jiri B. Thanks Jiri! I agree, now or never. From seeing the area boom over the last few years, and even just recently has put me in high speed action. I am wanting to take advantage of the area I live in and booming market. I feel like I have a solid plan going into the market, but I know any areas of weakness or that need attention will be shown as I start, but I plan to use those as learning opportunities knowing you gotta crawl before you walk. I appreciate the welcome!

@Adam Schneider Thanks for the advice. I believe I have already signed up on their page the other day but just haven't actually joined the group which I plan to do today. And I think I am going to add that to the schedule to attend tonight, I was planning on going to one tomorrow but it was full when I was trying to register, so this works perfectly. I'll be there tonight. 


@Kris Nicholson

Welcome to the BP family! Good to have you here! Here are some recommendations for you:

Find and connect with other BP members that are in your area:
Set up keyword alerts to be notified of the topics that interest you:
Read Beginner’s Guide:
Check out BP Podcasts:

Wishing you the best!

Welcome to BP! You made a great choice to join! Start analyzing deals to figure out what you want to invest in. I highly recommend the podcasts (especially while driving to work) and the free webinars.

@Kris Nicholson - all the podcasts are great because they expose you to different strategies and ideas.  I started from number 1 and worked through them during my long commutes! As far as the webinars goes, I took the 90 day webinar challenge which is to make your next purchase in 90 days. It helped me focus and I  was able to find and close on my second deal in 118 days. There is also a webinar that helps you analyze multi family deals, that was helpful for a newbie as well. It's all good so just dive in, start soaking it up, and take actionable steps! Hope to see you at a local meet up sometime! 

@Kris Nicholson Welcome to the community. I'm in the multifamily space. Let me know if I can help in any way. Would be glad to jump on a call with you soon to discuss ways we can help each other. My partner is @Brandon Abbott so be sure to connect with him as well.