New to the area & looking for you

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Last week I relocated from Fort Wayne Indiana to Durham North Carolina. With my last few years in Indiana I got very interested in real estate investing and read everything I could while listening to bigger pockets podcasts religiously. I am a contractor with my own LLC in Indiana while being a design engineer and software engineer remote for a company out of California. I have one flip under my belt that yielded a high return by my standards, and more importantly I learned the importance of systems and running accurate numbers from the very start.

I am currently looking into small multi-families, and would like a hack house as my first step into this.  I have an apartment for 1 year, so there isn't much of a rush currently.  However, I would like to surround myself with some like-minded individuals, and would be interested in helping in any way I can.  

Please reach out to me if you are serious about flipping or buy and hold.

Hey Kyle, 

While I don't currently live in Durham, I did live there for a couple of years and loved it. Great area. I am connected with a couple of great agents from Movil Realty that I could connect you with if you are interested. Good luck!

@Kyle Bostelman  Welcome! I recommend you join TREIA, and that you attend the monthly DMS (Triangle Deal Maker Sessions) event. You can find the TREIA info on their website and the Triangle Real Estate Deal Maker Sessions on MeetUp (the location is in Morrisville, which is 15 min from Durham).