Property Manager in Durham?

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Hey everyone,

Wondering if anyone has recommendations of good property managers (or ones to avoid) for Durham.  House will be on the higher end of the rental spectrum, close to downtown Durham.  I've seen Acorn & Oak (don't love the $400 fee) and Red Door, wondering whether anyone has experience with those or others they can recommend?



@Daniel Norber - Unfortunately, there are some expenses that come with setting up a new rental unit for a property manager - it does take a bit of admin time. I manage properties in Durham and I, too, charge an initial set-up/admin fee. 

Hey @Daniel Norber ,

@Tiffany Alexy manages my units in the Triangle and she does a great job. I am right there with you in regards to fees, but at the end of the day what really matters is how much you are making from those rentals all in. She does an outstanding job keeping units rented and minimizes tenant turnover. All of her tools are online for easy viewing. I would recommend speaking with her team.


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