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Hi guys

I'm looking to expand into the triad area, preferably Greensboro but willing to look elsewhere. Currently have an offer out in High Point. Looking for property managers and new deals - preferably multifamilies.

Hey guys,

I am an investor in the triad area and looking to expand my network. Currently a licensed Realtor in the area and a new investor. Would like to hear how things are going for everyone and be able to bounce around ideas.

Just moved to Winston-Salem from LA, a soon-to-be real estate agent. Looking to connect with like-minded investors in the area, contractors, lenders and wholesaler and build a team for my fix and flip and multifamily deals. My background is marketing and administrative and have done a few BRRRR while running our marketing agency.

Hey everyone. I already introduced myself in the intro section but not to locals. Im from the Thomasville/Lexington area of North Carolina and I'm new to the real estate game and trying to close my first condo rental. I'm interested in every parts of it that can make me money fast and long term. Wholesale,buy/hold Rentals, flips etc. I look forward to talking to all of you in the future

Good morning everyone! I'am having a Real estate investor gathering tomorrow in Greensboro if anyone is interested in coming to share thoughts, deals, meet other investors and network. We will also be playing the good ol Cash Flow game. If interested message for further details

Having a yard sale Saturday since we're moving to Wilmington so I have to miss it. Check out 1007 Kindley Court on auction.com . Auction ends July 31st. Current bid is 17,500. Ran the numbers, thought it was a good deal all the way to 60k but we have a lot on our plate right now so I have to pass. I'll be reaching out from time to time and coming back into Greensboro for deals. Keep me posted.


I am located in Richlands, but I would love to meet and chat with people all over the state! I am a newbie when it comes to real estate, but I am really wanting to get into the commercial side of investing.

@Hunter Thompson If you have an interest in networking, I'd check out the Coastal Carolina REIA in Wilmington. They meet the second Thursday of every month in Wilmington. A wide range of people attend, form investors, flippers, bankers, contractors ect.