Contractor Recommendations in Greensboro, NC (Triad Area)

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Hello all - I am about to start doing some work in my basement to convert it into an AirBnB. I am looking for contractor recommendations for 

  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Drop Ceilings
  • And anyone else you might want to recommend

I am located in Greensboro, NC (Triad Area). 

Please send me your best guys/gals!

@Nathan Faucett following. I'm interested in learning more about what it would take to finish a basement.

What kind of budget do you think it would take? And what square footage are we talking about?

PM'd you some info.
Drop ceilings wouldn't be a tough few-hour project on a weekend.

Hey Nathan. Shoot me a message. I have a few go to contractors that I would recommend. Trades are hard to come by right now. I'd send you my handyman as well but he's pretty swamped. Pete Green at Go Green Plumbing is who I'd recommend for plumbing. For some reason BP is not letting me submit phone numbers so send me a message. Talk to you soon. 

So our basement is currently "finished".

It has HVAC, plumbing, ceilings, walls, flooring, etc.

However, it needs an overhaul. The prior residents really didn't take care of the space like they should have. Some of the improvements include:

  • Replacing the existing carpet with LVP (They had animals and there is a distinct odor)
  • Replacing the acoustic drop ceilings (They painted the existing drop ceiling black)
  • Removing a sliding glass door and replacing it with a french door for rental entrance
  • Replacing the existing fluorescent lighting with can lighting
  • Replacing painted wood panel with drywall, finishing, and painting said drywall
  • Moving walls around to block off some areas and to make some areas bigger
  • Adding a kitchen, which include cabinets, sink, range, and maybe a dishwasher
  • Create a path leading from my driveway around the backyard to the basement entrance.

My space is about 1200 SF and I mentally prepared to spend about 15K to redo the basement to an acceptable quality level. This estimate may be a bit high, but this is what I have set aside to do the work. 

The ultimate goal is to use this space as a rental until my family grows to a point that we need to reclaim it. Coworkers in adjacent neighborhoods have similar spaces and have been able post them on AirBnB and have claimed somewhere between $10K-12K of income per year. This will seriously subsidize our mortgage payment and further add to our buying power when looking for BRRRR opportunities in our area, which our natural next step.

I've had good luck just using lowes for the LVP. We recently re-did our office in Burlington using them and there were a few small hiccups but their service was good and the followed up well to resolve the issues (a few pieces popped up a little, should be easy fix). We carved this out of the GC work and saved substantial dollars on the bids. If you're on the east side of GSO, shoot me a message and I can connect you with a couple of handymen who can do a large portion of this work for you. 

Hey Nathan,

Closing on a property next week and my contractor has been pretty good. Very responsive and a great guy to work with. PM and ill shoot over his info!