How much would it be to add a small bathroom to a 1250sq ft house

5 Replies | Greensboro, North Carolina

Hey everyone, I am currently looking at a property in Greensboro NC, it is a 3 bed 1 bath, we want to put a 2nd bathroom in there, nothing special just a normal run of the mill rental grade bathroom. I don't have my copy of estimating rehab costs on me right now as I am out of town. What would you guys say is the average for adding in a small rental grade bathroom into a property of this size in Greensboro, NC. I am thinking ~$15,000. I know this is dependent on many factors but I just want an average ballpark figure. There is no defferred maintenance in the house. 

If you have a slab, I would be of no help. But if you're sitting on a crawl space or basement, I'd say you should be able to get plumbing, assuming all materials are up-to-date, for about $5k. Electrical should be under $3k. Add another couple thousand for the HVAC connection. And then the actual fixtures and touches are based on preference, but the bones should get in for about $11-12k after permits and drywall. If you pay for everything to be installed, painted, and finished...yes, $15k sounds right.