Looking for recommendations for a good CPA in High Point, NC.

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@Gabriel Pais

I'm meeting with Debbie Brower on Monday. I'll let you know how it goes. She's a multifamily investor as well so she knows what she's doing. Thanks @scottmoore for the referral.

BP won't let me post her phone number so here is her info.

Debbie Brower CPA

3300 Battleground Ave Ste 302

Greensboro, NC 27410

@Jason Coleman I greatly appreciate you sharing her information sir, I've been reading up on her website & she certainly seems to have great experience as a CPA so I will be meeting with her. Let me know how it goes, & if you are interested in talking about real estate investments, I would be glad to share & learn with you. I'm am new to investing, & I'm in finalizing the purchase of my first home investment on the 25th of this month & I will continue to grow a portfolio. I also attend at local REIA every month, so I'm all in to Real Estate thanks to Biggerpockets! Wish you the best, & hope to that we can one day meet.

 Best Regards!