Local lender recommendation Columbus

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Can anyone recommend any community bank lenders for SFH and multifamily loans? Thanks!

Hi John,

I can help with some recommendations, sending a PM.

I’ve got one, does portfolio loans on investment properties too. Let me know if you still need contact info.

Thanks all!

Austin, I would appreciate it if you could share. 

Hi, hope I'm not hijacking this thread.  I am also looking for lenders in the Columbus area who will provide:

- financing to foreign investors, eh

- enough capital to BRRRR.

Much thanks for any recommendations.

Originally posted by @John Horner :

Depends on what kind of terms you are looking for?  Also, are these purchases at 75% or cash our refinances with or without seasoning?

Looking for purchases at 75%, potential variable rate or portfolio lenders, thanks! 

Thanks John, appreciate that guidance!

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