Reputable Insurance Agent Search

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I'm someone who likes to play it safe, so I want to make sure I'm covered properly and at the best price.  This was prompted by my search for a lower rate on my auto-insurance (I have geico, so it's already pretty low) but I realized lower rates are not what I have insurance for.  I need to be ready for everything, and I have put this off long enough.  I'm not sure if this belongs in this forum or not, but I'm searching for a reputable insurance agent who I can work with throughout my entire journey to financial independence, and probably beyond that.  I'm not sure where to begin my search, so I will post here and see if anyone has any recommendations for me.  Thank you.

Hi Jason,

I work with a number of independent insurance agents throughout Ohio.  Unlike certain captive companies, they have many options to choose from.  Send me a PM and I’ll share a couple recommendations.


Mike German

Agreed on the independent agent recommendation. You may be fine on your own for any personal line products (auto, homeowners, life), but you need options and know how for commercial line products that would cover any significant real-estate investing. Personally, I use a mix of direct insurance (usually online) and independent, but most is with an independent agent.  Happy to make a recommendation by PM.