Property on East Livingston Ave

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Hi All,

I've been looking at two properties on East Livingston Ave on Redfin website. one of them priced at 144K and the other 80K. Putting aside the fact that the 80K property did not include interior pictures (which made me suspicious) any idea on why the price differences? both properties as the same spec (3 Bd, 1 bh + basement).

In addition, anyone here familiar with this area ? is it considered B area or lower ?

Thank you in advance,


Good afternoon Benny,

I believe the difference is going to be based on the condition of each property. That seems in the correct market range for properties in that area. I'll message now with more details.

Thank you,

Hi Benny, i'll PM you my phone and lets discuss. 

About your question - i don't see reason to buy fully rehabbed property for rent. Repair quality/cost is too high for reasonable ROI. About second property - if you are looking for turn key(dont want to fix property yourself) it also may not fit. So it depends on what are you looking for