Aussie looking to invest in Columbus!

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G'day everyone, 

I am a property investor from Australia just starting out in the USA (long, long-distance Real Estate investing) and some of the macro trends around Columbus have caught my interest. The numbers however, (both macro and micro) can only tell me so much. What is lacking is that 'boots-on-the-ground' appreciation of suburbs. Does the elevated crime rates of a particular suburb truly reflect rental sentiment for example. 

With that in mind, myself and my two business partners (all from Aus) are looking to purchase buy and hold residential investment properties in the 200-250k range, using conventional finance.

- Are you investing in the Columbus market? If so, what areas are you focusing on and why?

- Are you running a property management business? If so, lets connect and maybe organize a meet and greet in early November.

- Or do you have a random question about Australia? Throw it my way, I am always keen for a chat.

One of my business partners, Daniel Green, will be in Columbus 01-04 Nov and is keen to meet up with any property managers, mortgage brokers (we are all foreign nationals), or other local real estate investors in the area. 

Thanks in advance for any advice or feedback!

G'day @Trent Ecklar thanks for the reply - I will get Dan to connect with you soon. The Australian property market has undergone significant price increases over the past 7-year period, spearheaded by Melbourne and Sydney. The result is that positive cash-flow is almost unheard of at the moment.

As a company (or personally as an investor) do you have "no-go" suburbs within the Columbus market?