Cleveland Investors - What's the best deal you've done?

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Im going to be investing in my first multi-family property in Cleveland in the coming months.  I would love to hear from the community, what's the best deal you've done in the last year in Cleveland (including numbers)?? 

Michael Conway

are you looking to buy and hold or flip?

Usually buying multifamily properties that is a longer term investment

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For multi-family, purchased a duplex for $50k, renovated it for about $10k, sold it for 102k. 

@Michael Conway Bought a duplex for $1.00 - vacant out of state owner.., (Taxes current and paid by owner of record) resold for $3k as-is =)     

Not the best deal or that exciting however my $1.00 did grow significantly. 

Sorry to hijack this thread, can someone tell me where i start a new discussion in the cleveland forums. I can not seem to locate a button to create a thread in this specific forum, 

@Brad Fausett

Scroll all the way up. There is a green "button" (for lack of a better term) on the right that says "Start a discussion." This will start a new thread in this forum.

I bought a SFR fully rehabbed. 5 bed 1 bath. Section 8 tenant moving in $1,000 per month rent. Cash flow $742 per month. Paid $32,000. These are forward looking numbers, but these are what the numbers are supposed to be. I'm going to stay positive about it. Good luck everyone.

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