Cleveland area investor friendly banks?

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I am looking to get financed on my second multifamily property.  I bought one last march and am looking at another one in my area.  I am having an issue getting approved because I have not had my places rented long enough to use it towards my income.  There has to be banks in my area that are willing to work with investors, can you recommend any that you have had success with?

@Phil Morgan I live in California and have been purchasing property in Cleveland for a few years with a lender out of New York. They follow a lot of Fannie/Freddy guidelines but use a much higher debt to income. Feel free to PM me if you'd like his contact info.

I have a couple ideas, please feel free to PM me.  Every situation is different but they have had success in the past where traditional lenders weren't able to get the job done.

Thanks for the advice guys!  I am waiting to hear back from someone in Texas who an investor I know has had success with.  Hopefully that works out, if not I have a few new options to check out.

Thanks again