Looking for handyman and tradesmen in Cleveland, OH

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Hello, I have a duplex in the Ohio City area of Cleveland and am looking for a handyman to help with some of the turnover items as I have a tenant moving out soon (cleaning service would be great too).  Would also like referrals for good plumbers and electricians should the need come up.  Thanks in advance!




Cleaning service

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Hello, Does any major work need done on the properties or just general turn over? Do you currently need an electrician or plumber it is that aspect purely proactive?

 I also need a general handyman for light repairs (painting, fixing drywall, finishing basements, etc. I could also use recommendations for a plumber and an electrician. 

Elizabeth, I know a lot of construction guys in Cleveland, besides guys on my crew. If you’d like a referral to some trustworthy guys I can help. There’s a lot of flack out there, be careful! Curious, where in Ohio city is your property?

@Elizabeth Goff I have about 20 guys that work for me, all trades. IF you need help I can ... call me anytime. DO NOT just look online and hire anyone you WILL get crushed , not speculating .   You will deal with me/ my assistant  direct, not 2, 3 4 different  contractors . . BTW, I have dozens and dozens of clients from CA, .