Cap rates in Cleveland for large Multi Family

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@Vic Delgado

Difficult to say without looking at a buildings financials, but that being said it's possible to approximate using public data.

I first pull the Cleveland parcel data-set from the Cuyahoga County Open Data website.

I then filtered down by number of dwelling units greater than or equal to 5 and with a recorded transfer of ownership in  Jan 2018 or later

The reason I chose 5 unit is because the number of buildings with 100 or more units is very small, and we need a sufficient sample size to get meaningful results. 

I then associated each parcel with a census tract to get the census reported median gross rent for each property. 

Lastly, I computed the cap rate by taking the monthly median rent, multiplying it by 12 and again by 50% (imputing 50 percent operating expense ratio). I then divided this by the reported sale price of the property. 

This is what resulted:

High Res Link

As you can see, Multi-Families in the Edgewater neighborhood seem to command a cap rate of around 10.4%.

This is based on buildings with 5 or more units, so the cap rate may differ at the 100 plus unit level. 

I did wash the data for obvious outliers, such as derelict buildings that were purchased for next to nothing and likely don't have a current certificate of occupancy. 

I think this should give you a better idea of what the expect in Edgewater as well as give you a snapshot of the Cleveland as a whole. 

Hope this helps! 

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@Vic Delgado   about 6- 8%  at best ,, I  am referring to NET who cares about gross 

Good luck 

Aussies used to always talk about gross rental returns.. never could understand why they did not focus on net.

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@Jay Hinrichs cannot pay your bills with gross, :)  Good morning Jay, you are early for a Sunday :) 

I am at it by 5am every morning in summer  6 am in winter.. have to keep up with all my east coast clients..