VA minimum inspection requirements

4 Replies | Cleveland, Ohio

Hello Cleveland,

While conducting my never ending rental property search ive noticed a few things the VA might not be to certain of. A lot of these potential homes have knob and tube wiring and im having difficulty figuring out if this passes VA minimum inspection requirements. Does anyone know a great source for this? I know this varies by zip code so its been quite difficult to find a straight answer.

Be advised that it is increasingly difficult and/or expensive to insure a home with largely knob and tube. 


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Often, you can get by with just replacing what is visible in the basement. This is not very expensive.  At the same time, you should have your electrician inspect the knob and tube in the attic, etc.  Sometimes it is also easy, and inexpensive to replace some or all of the 1st floor knob and tube circuits if they are easily accessible from the basement.  If you advise your insurance company that the house is knob and tube (and of course you should do so), then they will typically want to inspect the house and will make "mandatory" recommendations.  These are recommendations... that you must do if you want their insurance.

Disclaimer: I am not an in insurance, nor am I an expert in knob and tube wiring.