How should I notify my tenant of rent increase and lease renewal?

2 Replies | Cleveland, Ohio

I would like to notify a tenant of a rent increase and rental renew for another 12-month lease.  How should I notify him?  Must it a written notice? Must it be sent via registered mail?  Certified mail?  Can it be emailed?  Please advise.

Greetings @Randi Stern ,

You are going to have check your local laws for this one. What does your current lease say about lease renewal and rent increase? At a minimum, I would send an email.

In writing includes email. You can get a notice once they open it as proof they were notified in writing. I like to tell the tenant what I am going to do. Then, do it. It's weird because they are not surprised when they get the notice in writing and are more likely to agree to the changes rather than move.