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Hi everyone. New fix and flipper here. I'm building my team and have a realtor who specializes in distressed properties, electrician, plumber, hvac, roofer, and hardwood refinisher. However, in case we run into the unthinkable and encounter mold, friable asbestos, or foundation issues, I don't have good contractors for that yet. Any suggestions?

Also, is anyone having any success in the Hamilton area? I'm seeing a lot of properties in the <$30K range that look like they would be a good flip, but then when I look at the comps in the area, I see that most of the recent sales aren't for much more than that. Is that because all these are being bought by flippers? Or is it just a bad area to stay away from right now.

I'm also hearing that there is some renewal happening in Northside. Anyone with experience there?



You need to find ones that are certified to remove mold, asbestos and radon.  A license is not good enough in most states.  Some states have a website where there is a link to a list of all of the mold remediation contractors.  You also have hubzu, angies list, home advisors

I am not familiar with your part of Ohio but if the resale value is not much more than the purchase price +repairs then maybe just doing a rehab holding it for a while or doing a lease option might be more profitable. 

The city planning office and any local government office connected to HUD will let you know what areas are being renewed. If you can't catch them then see if you have a neighborhood housing services in the area.

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