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Hi Cincinnati BP community! I'll be relocating to Cincinnati in January for a new position. I'm interested in potentially house hacking while I'm there. I'm also open to investing in MFs in OTR or Downtown Cincinnati.

With that in mind, what areas would you all recommend for house hacking (with special attention to proximity to downtown since I'll need to get to work reasonably quickly)? Likewise, is the MF market strong in Cincy? I know that not every place favors multiple units that aren't large apartment properties. Finally, how are the residential areas near/around downtown? I'm aware that some places may be on a street by street basis, but generalizations are welcome too!

Oh, and if anyone can recommend local REI groups/meetups/networking opportunities, I'd appreciate it!

Welcome @tiara stewart-Cannon.  Cincinnati is a very diverse housing market with approximately 52 distinct neighborhoods.  There are some meet up groups that have formed (check Cincinnati in BP).  As far as the MF market, it all depends on what you are seeking.  There are a number of nice 4 plexs in areas near.  Search for past posts from a number of us including @Sean Cole who is a great wholesaler.  Also, in my opinion, OTR is not in a good pice range anymore.  there is still a lot of development going on but vatsis high prices.  I sold a year ago.


Hi @Tiara Stewart-Cannon

Welcome to Cincinnati (soon)! 

While a lot of money has been poured into OTR, the city is looking to invest in the neighborhoods from downtown out - see here. So, neighborhoods like Walnut Hills, Madisonville, or Evanston may be good places to house hack.

Also, don't overlook the Kentucky side of the river. You may want to take a look at Bellevue, Newport and Covington. All could offer house hacking potential (though, can be tough to acquire in Bellevue right now), and also give you that short commute to downtown. 

Hi @Ben W. , thanks! I'll certainly start looking out for 4 plexs and dig into the past posts a bit more. Oh, thank you for your perspective on OTR too btw. I'll keep that in mind!

Hi @Eric Sztanyo , thanks! I'm excited to relocate from FL and experience new scenery. 

Thank you so much for offering examples of neighborhoods that may be better suited to house hacking! I also had not really considered Kentucky, so I will definitely keep the other side of the river in mind too. I remember visiting Newport and Covington while in town and liked the areas.

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