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Guardian Water & Power is based in Ohio and provides water submetering and utility billing services in the Cincinnati area. Typical install costs range from $300-500 per unit depending on the plumbing set up and number of units at your building.  You also have the option of purchasing "do it yourself" submeter kits from Guardian.  Once the system is installed Guardian provides monthly read, monitor and bill services.  

First thing to confirm when you considering a submetering system is that each of your apartment units have their own hot water tank and shut off valve.  

Hope this helps and good luck! 

We use guardian on all our MF including our 42 unit building. so far so good. Once you exceed 40 units with them they begin doing the bill collections as well so thats nice

Who has an idea about submetering in a duplex? One of my rentals is a duplex in Oakland, CA and I recently received the following email back from a company that supposedly offers submetering services.........

Hello and thank you for reaching out to Guardian!

"For a property like yours we would only be able to provide our "ratio utility billing system" (RUBS) services and not submetering. With RUBS, you keep on file with "us" the number of occupants in each unit and send us your master water/sewer bill as your receive it from the provider each billing cycle. We distribute the total charges back to each apartment unit in the form of a utility bill based on the number of occupants and/or or square footage of each unit. There is no charge to the property owner or management company to set up or administer our RUBS service.

Please let me know if you have questions or are interested in a service agreement."

Since I already know how to do "ratio utility billing" (a.k.a. very basic math) does anyone on the BP Forum know of a company  that does submetering here in the San Francisco Bay Area?


California Weights & Measures regulations make it very difficult for Guardian and other submetering companies to provide services to smaller properties in the Bay Area. RUBS is probably a better solution for your property.

@Chris Apostolos thanks for great info!  Are there any other limitations other than separate water heaters where submeters could not be installed?  I guess you could get pay to get plumbed for new water heaters so you could install submeters.  How about for gas submeters (any necessary equipment or setup where can not be installed?   I am looking at a fantastic quad in great neighborhood but water and gas not separated and owner covers, expensive.

Thanks so much!

I contacted Guardian on January 18th, 21st and again Feb 21st. They haven't set up a time to meet with me or discuss what I would need for sub-metering. They keep telling me the meter supervisor needs to see if the property is on an auto-read route or not. 

Is there a specific contact that someone has had success with? Sharlene and Chris have not gotten it done.

Is there an alternative to Guardian in Cincinnati, OH?

Background: I have a 4 unit and a 6 unit. I want to reroute the plumbing to individual manifolds myself - for cold water line sub-metering. I thought I should plan it out with the sales side before I started cutting, but they elude me...

You can have your plumber put a secondary meter in (or I can give you my guys number). The water co will not do it without a lot of hassle. Just get your monthly bill and divide it out by the usage.

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