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@Christine L.

I am so sorry that you are going through this. It sounds like he is doing exactly the same thing to you that his partner Garrett did to me. 

I would recommend checking title and finding out exactly who is on title of the property. 

Very sorry to hear that anyone has to go through this sort of bad experience with a supposed 'investor'. I worked with a family member  that was entertaining the idea of doing a rent to own deal way back when with Wendell De Guzman's (aka Trace Trajano, 'Guru' from the Philippines, who quit amid accusations of fraud, and has since changed his name to do business in the U.S.) then company PCI. One Google search was all I needed to perform to know that nobody should be doing business with this guy. Anyone that has to change their name to do business in another country is not someone I want to work with, period. Thankfully we have the internet these days, and scammers can't go very far without being outed around the world.