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Looking for Plumber recommendations
Anyone have any plumber recommendations? We've tried a couple but none that worked very well. If you know that they work with any home warranty companies even better. Having some issues with water heater and... View more
Finding Trustworthy Contractors in Cincinnati
Newbie Here - I'm planning to start real estate investing using the BRRRR strategy in Cincinnati Ohio. So far, finding funds and financing has been the easy part. It's the rehab that has me worried. I've screened... View more
Cincinnati / NKY REIA Meetings
Hello, I recently moved to Cincinnati and was wondering if there are REIA meetings in the Cincinnati / NKY area. Any suggestions are appreciated.Best,Geoffrey
Investing in Cincinnati
Hi, We are a team of investors located in California, we are looking to invest out-of-state in Cincinnati. I wanted to get this community's feedback on potential neighborhoods to focus on.Our strategy is buy-and-hold... View more
Property Management - St Bernard
I'm looking for property management recommendations for a SFR in the St Bernard neighborhood. St. Bernard is a bit unique so a PM who actually manages properties in that neighborhood and would be my preference.
Newbie House Hacking Investor
Hello, everyone. I'm a newbie investor looking to start my journey in real estate using the house hacking method. I'll be moving to Cincinnati mid summer 2021. I'll be working in the area around Cincinnati Children's... View more
As an out of state cashflow investor, is Cincinnati right from me
I'm a new real estate investor (American expat living in Mexico City) looking for cashflow markets. In my initial research, Cincinnati was highly recommended. I'm open to connecting with any real estate professionals... View more
Investors/hard money lenders
Hello BP community, my wife and I just moved to the Cincinnati area from the DC metro region and we are just starting our real estate investing journey. My wife has bought, rehabbed and sold 3 homes, but those were... View more
Cincinnati Building Code for Garage Addition
Hello! I'm planning a garage construction on a duplex and I think there's enough room for a garage in the back yard. I can't find the exact rules on lot line distance for a garage. I think it's either 3 feet or 5.... View more
CUF Cincinnati Investment Area?
I'm new to Cinci, and have a potential off market deal in the CUF area, just west of Bellevue Hill Park. I'd like to know if this is a good area to be investing?! 
Investing in Cincinnati
My name is Joe and my fiance and I are looking to invest in our first out-of-state rental property in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are interested in using the BRRRR method to grow our portfolio there, as well as growing my... View more
Recommendation for Cincinnati local realtor
Hi All -I was hoping to get some recommendations for local Cincinnati realtors who specialize or even partake in real estate investing themselves, particularly multifamily. I'm looking for someone who is hungry and is... View more
My First Eviction Experience
Hey BP family! I had a lot of interest in hearing my story over on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook page regarding my first eviction experience.  I know there's a lot of buy-and-hold investors and property managers on... View more
Slate roof and box gutters replacement
Recently I bought a 3 unit in the Incline Distinct of East Price Hill. Its a super old building that needs its slate roof repaired and a complete replacement of the box gutters. I know this is a shot in the dark... View more
Handyman Referral for Shower Repair
Can anyone suggest a handyman to help me with patching & repairing a fiberglass shower pan? Previous landlord did a crappy job and now the shower is leaking onto the tenants below.  Property is in Madisonville. ... View more
Mastermind for New Investors
Hello Fellow Investors, I am creating a mastermind/monthly virtual meeting for investors to discuss where they are with their real estate goals and to brainstorm or discuss ideas for how to further the completion of... View more
Cincinnati Local Lenders?
Is there a way to find out what lenders investors have used on properties already purchased in a particular area? I've tried Listsource but obviously there's a cost involved. Was wondering if this was public... View more
Cincinnati new rental regulations in 2020
Thought I would share this article that covers new regulations, some of which are going into effect this week:1) Rental registration 2) Late fees 3) Security deposits
General contractor recommendations
If you have worked with a reliable general contractor in Cincinnati area, I would really appreciate some recommendations. I have worked with one recently, but my experience has been bad due to constant delays in work... View more
Lender for Investment properties
Hey,I just signed a deal for an investment property in the Cincinnati area, and I'm looking for a lender that works with investors. I plan to pick up a few more properties this year, so I am looking to build a... View more
Selling with a land contract
hello everybody I am interested in selling a few houses using a land contract enabling my buyers to slowly by the house does anybody know can I make in Cincinnati, my buyers responsible for maintaining and fixing... View more
Looking for a Cincinnati Virtual Meetup (Weekly/Monthly)
Hi. I'm an investor looking for a group that I can meet with virtually on a somewhat regular basis to talk real estate. Does anybody know of a virtual meetup happening for investors interested in the Cincinnati area?... View more
Looking for a Cinci/KY Realtor for a referral
Hi All,I'm working with an investor who is going to be doing a 1031 for a property I am helping her sell.  She may purchase here in Columbus, but she is also looking at options to invest in a multifamily complex in... View more
Relocating to Cincinnati, looking for Multifamily Home
Hello All,My name is Kristina Murray, and I am planning to relocate to the Cincinnati area from Los Angeles. I am looking to purchase a 2-4 Family Unit, with a max cost of 200k (FHA Loan). I am hoping to gain insights... View more