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I am from Washington and looking into investing in Ohio. I am looking at Hamilton County right now. Since I am new to this area I am having difficulty finding recorded public docs such as deed of trust, warranty deed, etc online. For example, on a county recorder's office website, can I search by an LLC name and find out the properties owned by this LLC in the past? Tried, but not luck.

I am not a real estate agent. Don't know if an MLS transaction can be searched through seller's name.

Any help is appreciated. 


The Cincinnati MLS allows search by property and will give a history of the ownership.

Why do you need to know what properties an LLC owns?

On the county auditor's website you can search for properties that the LLC currently owns but I don't think there's a way to search for properties that they've ever owned in the past.

Thank you all! That's what I thought. I am able to do more in-depth search and even see scans of original documents so I was hoping I can do the same here.

Thanks again!

@Sean Cole pull up a property in the CincyMLS and then click on the TaxID link that is usually there for each property.  Towards the bottom of the second page that pulls up you can see ownership, Mortgage history and more.  

Updated about 1 year ago

Best bet is the County Recorders Office as others have suggest.

@Paul Sian I wasn't clear enough with my statement, so thank you for clarifying. The OP was seemingly looking for a way to search by name to find previous properties owned by a specific group. Unless the Realist information has become searchable on the MLS, you can't find ownership that way. You're right, though, that you can find out who's owned a specific property if you go through the MLS to Realist.

@Sean Cole sorry, looking at your statement I misread it as well.  I do see what you were saying. 

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