Cleaning Services for Air BnB in Cincinnati

4 Replies

I'm doing research for a potential Air BnB property in the Covington area. Are there any recommendations for a good, reliable, and affordable cleaning service?

@Aaron Smith is the guy you need to talk to. He's an experienced agent. landlord, he has his own Airbnb house in Covington and he understands that part of NKY really well.

You can try " Two Old Bags and a Mop". Email me for the phone number. Jen is the owners name.

We have several different people lined up to clean ours depending on time of day and how much lead time we have. Right now we are just using private individuals.

@Andy Zapata Did you find a cleaning service? If not I would recommend looking up other AirBnB owners in the Covington area and simply asking them who they use. 

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