Seeking Architect in Cincinnati Ohio - Basement Apartment Unit

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Recently acquired an 8 unit multifamily in Reading, Ohio (which is actually surrounded by the city of Cincinnati.) The building has a 9th unit in the basement that has not been rented for some time, but has a full bath and a half bath, one bedroom that does have grade level windows (not egress) and all the necessary plumbing and electrical to be turned into a rentable unit...and its approx. 1000 sq. ft. Would be a waste not to rent it, not to mention, even $500/month in rent would be a huge boost to NOI.

I called the City of Reading building department. They encouraged me to work with an architect to better understand what is needed to bring the unit up to code. 

What architect would you recommend?

Dan Henkel is one I have worked with in the past.  Will PM you the info.

Try Patricia Bitner of Bilt Architecture

Or Steve Hampton of Hampton Arch. .

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