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Hey everyone

I am a new investor and I would like to know you opinion on WestWood neighborhood In the part that’s close to Cheviot.

If anyone works there I would like to get the general information about the area and your rank of the place for investors .



I would not invest in this area unless I found a home run deal. The west side in general is heading in the wrong direction. And you're seeing some of the people who have been pushed out of OTR (historically the most dangerous area in the city) moving to Westwood and surrounding areas.

For the most part I would feel comfortable investing in Westwood area and have sold properties to other investors there.  It has C and B- areas.  With a lot of out of state investors funneling money into the Cincinnati area prices are up and good on market deals are hard to find or get snatched up quick.   

Paul thank you for your replay.

I have a friend that bought a house in Westwood 1.5 years ago (in hoadly ct street) and I am trying to understand where to focus.

If I am looking for SFH in 50-70K$ , with a C-class citizens areas- Is Cheviot a good place to start? Or to go more east along Harrison ave ?

Thanks for your kindly advice,


I would prioritize being close to the intersection of Hamilton and Montana. I focus my attention on complete neighborhoods with at least a small business and entertainment district. Westwood has this as well as the support of the mayor funneling money into some projects near the intersection I mentioned. I respectfully disagree in part with Kris. The mechanism of movement he mentions is happening, but I see it being concentrated more in the Price Hill area. I know several families that are happy in Cheviot.

Mt. Airy Forest abuts some properties and is a huge resource for recreation and quality of life. Walk-able-ish business district plus huge urban forest is a recipe for happy residents and long term stability.

@Paz Yaacoby  Westwood is the biggest neighborhood  in cincincinnati by 3x in terms of geography. So yes, there are some parts that are D-F, primarily east Westwood towards south Fairmont. 

However, the western half they borders Cheviot, and everything west of Werk/Harrisonc intersection is C-B and getting hot. I have multiple friends who’ve moved back from Austin, Nashville, Bay Area, and have chosen to buy in WW instead of Oakley, Hyde Park, etc... beautiful homes with big yards, while being in the “city”. Westwood Brewery is killing it, Nation Kitchen and Bar just received their approvals for their 2nd location in the old firehouse. 

WW is the quintessential neighborhood for the “be weary of the Midwest, it’s very street to street.” The people that flat tell you don’t buy in Westwood it’s a war zone or over generalize and say the entire west side is going the wrong direction, they wrong..... and just know the area tangentially. I’d very much recommend you pay the area a visit and see for yourself.... maybe we can grab a beer at the Westside Brewery. 

@Paz Yaacoby Cheviot is a good area to invest in though I think it will be hard to find properties in the $50-70K range for SFH unless you are looking to rehab them as well. As others have mentioned Westwood is a good area and I am also personally looking there to buy as well due to the growth it has been experiencing.

@Leah C. both Bridgetown and Delhi are good areas to invest in for SFH. There are some solid neighborhoods there.

I am intrigued by some of the other opinions from local investors. Admittedly it's been a while since I have been in Westwood, though I did live there for a short time. Some of my bias is definitely based on hearsay, so happy to hear that parts of the area are seeing development.

@Kris Wong We have had this debate many times on BP and I personally have had this debate with many other investor friends. Speaking in broad generalities Westwood and the "west side" of Hamilton County or Cincinnati has higher crime and lower income neighborhoods in general. As @Paul Sian mentioned, there are absolutely nice streets and areas in Westwood and all over the West side. However, based on strictly numerical data to consider when looking at broad generalities of East Vs. West, consider the average income levels, the crime rates, the school district grades, and any other indicators of your interest. You will find the east side in general has better numbers. 

All of this is to say, I do not agree with Westwood in general being a C or B area, because I am comparing that to what I consider C or B areas, and categorically it would not be comparable to me. However, I am not saying for anyone not to buy there, typically lower income areas often generate the best "numerical" deals, and highest cap rates, and best rent ratios. If those factors are most important to you, then Westwood or many other West side areas are absolute gold mines. I have sold and still sell property all over the west side, for some of my clients that is exactly what they are looking for. 

I will further add that my opinion is not only based on the numbers and my own experiences, but I am fortunate to have first hand experience as a police officer in Hamilton County, I share stories with my cop buddies all over the east and west side, and I can tell you that again generally speaking, my friends who work in the west side beats have it far worse from a strictly law enforcement perspective. However, like everything else, crime of all shapes and sizes does still occur anywhere. 

That is my two cents. 

Alright, Alright, you have pulled me out of my lurking ways and baited me with a topic that his home to me. Home because I grew up in Westwood, from the time I was born for the next 25 years, only taking time off to go to college. We recently purchased a 12 unit building in Westwood as well, so I would hope that criteria are enough to keep you reading. 

@Jake Walroth , You said something that I always hear "Westwood is a warzone". This one really cracks me up, are there bad areas of Westwood, Yes, areas you may not want to be at night, Ohh hell yes. But does that condemn the entire area, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

You will hear it from a lot of people on here who have done some research on Westwood, "It's on a comeback". And honestly, they have done a ton of work to the public school, there is work being done on town hall, westside brewery, pop up street fests it really has it all. But, I am going to let you in on a little secret, Westwood has and always will be on a "Comeback". And quite frankly, I am not really sure what it is "Coming back to". 

Westwood in and of itself will always be a very diverse community. There are high crime areas, as well as very nice areas to live in. Whenever someone tells me they bought in Westwood, I congratulate them and ask them where. For me, that tells me a lot about the individual investor. I have a colleague that probably 15-20 Units and Westwood, Units that would make most investors Jealous. Not just because of the numbers, but because of the actual buildings and quality. 

@Paul Sian , Cheviot Sucks!! Man, the 6th grader in me just shined through. *Disclaimer* No one takes this as real estate advice, just the fact that a Westwood boy wouldn't dare to invest in Cheviot! 

Cincinnati is not just submarket but street to street. I've own a SFH in Westwood and it's one of my best cash flowing properties that I bought a year ago because Westwood is now in higher demand with its revitalization.

The park in Westwood is being developed by the same company that built Summit Park in Blue Ash. It's these types of developments that bring in new residents.