Looking for Property Managers and Turnkey Providers

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@Jad Boudiab   Thanks for the clarification.  Seems like you too are running a tight operation.   The nerve with me gets struck when all the TK providers get lumped into this "Paying a premium" or "paying retail" narrative, and it's not always true.  We deal mostly in C-class, and in the lower price points, there is zero margin for error.  We get 3-4 investors per week reaching out to us, trying to leverage our services for their "value add" because they've tried to do it themselves and failed (after reading a famous book that is promoted heavily on BP).  We often tell them to stick to A/B class where there's more meat on the bone (and more exposure), so they can find that forced appreciation.  

We have a family owned and operated PM group here in Cincinnati.  If want reach out and we can talk over your needs. We also help with buying and selling in this market.  Reach out if you have any question.


George Emmons 

There are several Turnkey providers in Memphis TN. My definition of a true turnkey provider is they have been in business for years, and have a in house property management company, and provide a true full renovation meaning they take care of the cap ex like roofs, water heaters, HVAC's along with a full cosmetic rehab. 

Vet the company check out their google reviews visit them see if they are operating out of their garage or have a team who can handle your business. 

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