Recommendation for Cincinnati local realtor

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Hi All -

I was hoping to get some recommendations for local Cincinnati realtors who specialize or even partake in real estate investing themselves, particularly multifamily. I'm looking for someone who is hungry and is more than just an open the door for me type realtor (no offense to those). I'm a new investor though been actively looking for a while now. However I have a busy full time job so mainly would need to see places on weeknights and/or weekends. Hopefully this isn't too much to ask.



@Scott Lyons. I'm a local realtor in the Cincinnati area who mostly work with investors. You can PM if you need assistance in finding properties you want to invest in.

Hi Scott. My wife Becky is a Realtor with Keller Williams who works with investors. We also own 3 SFRs. She grew up in Cincy so knows the landscape pretty well. Also for example she is working with a client right now helping them sell a number of their multi fam units. Send me a colleague request and I can send you her contact info if you like. D

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