Avondale Trending Up?

2 Replies | Cincinnati, Ohio

Sellers keep talking about how Avondale has turned the corner and will continue to improve in the coming years. They keep pointing to all the investments going on and around Children's Hospital, and UC. At the same time, it seems like same old same old in relation to basic fundamental metrics like crime, poverty, population and job growth. 

I'd love to start a discussion here on those that are pro/against investing in the Avondale area, and more generally, at what point can one say "this area is improving". Hindsight is 20/20 and everyone is looking for the next OTR. How can you find the tide early enough to make money but not be a speculator and gambler? 

Avondale (& North Avondale) is a pretty big area. You are definitely starting to see progress creep into certain parts. IMO, it's a bit early for talk of "turned the corner". I am interested to hear what other local investors think. I haven't driven through there in a while. Either way, I would be careful investing here. I am sure there are still many streets that are still borderline C-/D class.

Yea, I'm talking about the areas closer to the hospital. From MLK & Reading up to Forest Ave. 

Also just a general question about how to catch these tides at the right time.