Rehabbing 3 Cincy houses at once: Northside,Covington,Walnut Hill

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I'm tackling 3 rehabs at once in and around Cincinnati. All 3 of project are $100k+ rehabs and I'm documenting my progress. Any tips/warnings/advice are certainly welcome!! I've never done anything in NKY before and I'm learning that the permitting and licensing there is completely different than in Ohio. I'm documenting everything - even if it goes bad!

Hey @Gary Bailey , awesome I have multifamily there in Cinci.  Good luck with the projects, can't wait to hear what all you learned form it.  Remodeling my 1st 10 unit was fun and a hell of an experience.  Now waiting to close and start working on a 6 unit in the Clifton area.  If you have any contractor suggestions I'd love to hear it cause I can always use more quotes for my work.