Minisplit Installer in Cincinnati?

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Hello, I'm looking for someone to install mini-splits in a triplex here in Cincinnati. Any suggestions?  Every unit has separate electric, but not gas.  I would like to get heating and cooling in each apartment on its own meter.

I looked for JM HVAC today, and could only find JM Mechanical in the Cincinnati area.  They had never heard of Dave Gardner.  Can you give me a little more info?

Jeff, try advertising for an installer. A   Help  Wanted ad on places like Craigslist,,  you should be able to find an installer who works for an HVAC company, but wants extra work evenings or weekends. Or the guy who may have been laid off because work was slow, or he's temporirily between jobs.  Just remember, there are always two kinds of prices:  The price the seller of the service thinks it's worth, or would like to get, and the price he's willing to accept because less is better than nothing at all. Obviously,  if a guy is busy enough to be able to ask $5,000 and get it, you need to find someone else less busy, or with lower overhead that he can afford to take less. 

In Tucson, I got 3 quotes that seemed high for a mini-split install; all over $5k for mid-grade systems. It seems mini split installs cost about the same a full size installs. I ended up ordering a $2k nicer Mitsubishi heat pump / AC system online and they delivered it to my door. (5 years ago) I installed it myself and then paid an AC guy $400 to connect the wires to it and vacuum the system and connect the hoses. If I, an untrained home owner can do it, a decent handyman can do the install also and then pay an AC guy for the final hookup.  This isn't a Licensed / insured install, so keep that in mind.

Chris, that is exactly my plan.  I have too much going on right now, so if I got a better offer I would take it.  But as soon as I can get some spare time, I am going to mount it myself.  One place online sells a complete DIY solution.  I think that I am in the wrong business...

I bought mine online at the "ecomfort" website.  I didn't know anything about the site, but took a gamble and they delivered properly.  I bought te system and a pipe kit and a electrical disconnect kit from them and got the other odds and ends from Home Depot.  I poured a tiny slab for the outside unit.  High seer.  Something like 22 or 23 and 18K BTU which workes well.  Never have had any issues with it.