Cincinnati new rental regulations in 2020

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Originally posted by @Scott Starrett :

Thought I would share this article that covers new regulations, some of which are going into effect this week:

1) Rental registration 

2) Late fees 

3) Security deposits


Gotta love government. So quick to tell people how they may run their private businesses. It's getting close to the time we tell them to bug off.  If I were a LL in Cincinnati I'd non renew all the leases on my homes and they would be for sale once they were vacant. Maybe the City Council will be happy when their streets look like San Francisco's.


@Zachary Elliott @Gary L Wallman

The late-fees rule does give me pause, since I am typically looking to make a big incentive to pay on time. For now, I'm still looking to invest in Cincinnati, since I know and understand the neighborhoods and associated value/opportunity equation.  I may look to other areas later this year or next year however.

The security deposit item doesn't impact me, since I only own 10 units right now. But I had been thinking about switching to other forms of 'security' like this link below.