Lucas County(Toledo), Ohio - Property Tax

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Hi BP Experts,

This is a question about the property taxes in Lucas County(Toledo), Ohio. In March of this year I closed a property. At that time of closing I got property tax credit of 3 months. But in July (last month) I got the semi-annual property taxes bill in which I was asked to pay taxes for the July to Dec 2018(6 months). When I went back to the Title Company they told me that Lucas County property taxes have different proration. May be Investors/Realtors/Property Managers of the Lucas County can understand and provide me a solution(if possible) to obtain the credit for the remaining 3 months.

Thanks in advance!


@Ram B. - the three month proration would have covered the time the prior owner owed taxes but had not paid them yet (January Feb and march). You should be invoiced in July for all six months- January through June which you were already credited three months for. 

Anytime I buy a foreclosure REO a good title company can usually get the bank to pay the entire calendar year's tax for you...I have had good success with getting that approved.