ARIES Information Incorrect

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I’m using a property management company for my rental property, and they recently put the listing on the market. I noticed the square footage listed was significantly lower than what was stated in my appraisal report (715sq ft vs. 1042 sq ft).

When I asked the property manager about this, they said they had to use the square footage listed on the county auditor ARIES site. I feel like this low square footage is deterring potential renters from viewing the property. Does anyone know the process to get the information in ARIES updated? I’m nervous this could lead to an inspection by the city, which in a 100 year old property like mine could potentially open a can of worms.

We took measurements for the flooring installation, and it seems that about 100sq ft are coming from an addition off the back of the house and the remaining is the attic space which was converted to a bedroom. I am honestly not sure if the addition was permitted or not. How would I find that information? 

You have a couple of choices/options:

1) You can challenge the city assessor info, but that may change your property taxes.

2) You can ask the PMC to use the number from your appraisal and send it to them for validation.