Investor-Friendly Agent(s) in Dayton, OH

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Hello, BP Community. I am looking for recommendations for an investor-friendly agent in the Dayton / Miami Valley area. I am primarily interested in SFH and small MFH (2-4 units), with a price range of $50K-$200K.

Any suggestions or guidance would be much appreciated.

I have inventory in many suburbs of Dayton. PM if you need more info.



Hi John

I’m currently going through the process of getting my real estate license with the goal to be an investor friendly agent while investing myself. I’d be happy to help where I can and can introduce you to some of the agents of the broken I will be working for. 

Any special neighborhoods you are looking at? 



Appreciate all the helpful responses!

@Sean Tarpenning - Many thanks.  I will send you a message.

@Tommy Spijkers - I do not have any specific neighborhoods at the moment, but I'm doing my research as to which areas I'd like to target and would hope an agent would be able to provide a little hand-holding in that regard as well.

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