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Hi to all Dayton investors/landlords. I am having a really hard time finding the right PM. I´ve talked, (in same cases just tried to talk) with many and all of them fit in one (or more) of these categories: a) They don´t answer emails, messages or phonecalls, b) We set up a meeting (video call) and he/she didn´t appear, not at least letting me know, and then not answering an email c) They receive new clients, but then they dont ¨have time¨ to talk, (of course, after the first meeting when they sell you their services). If someone can help me with this (referral, advice, etc), I will really appreciate it.

I think we are a very good prospective client, it is true, that I am not the kind of landlord, who will accept that the teenat is always right and will just pay everything they tell me (I don´t want a PM like this neither) but for every PM that manages around 300/400 houses or less, we can make a big contribution to his/her bussines in the next 1-3 years.

Thank you!!!

@Daniel Fridrij

Hey Daniel -

I am new to the Dayton market but my agent’s Brokerage has a PM division. Not sure if they will

provide what you are looking for but give them a shout. Do you currently own any properties in the Dayton area? Let me know. Best of luck.


@Taylor Farrington Hi Taylor, and thank you for the contact. I know Bella, actually she seems very succesfull over there. I will check it out, but I think that I prefer my agent to be someone different from the PM, you know, just to control the things a little bit more. But there are reason to have them both in one company too. Thank you!!!

do a lot of work in Dayton we are very happy with our property management company  messag me and will hook you up if you are interested