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Does anyone have any experience in mobile/manufactured homes in Oklahoma City/Edmond? What do I need to look out for? I haven't found much about rental prices and how they differ from a standard stick built home. Thanks. 

big issue i have had with mobile home leasing is the hoa or property manager of the neighborhood it is in.  they have some tough rules to deal with and are an extra headache at times.  

@Trevor Zimmerman

Lots of parks will not allow renting. Residents need to be owners. Some areas will have parks that allow it i.e. Florida, and elsewhere, has parks that allow rentals. Just have to check your area. You can go talk to a couple park managers in the area.

You can invest in the ones that require residents to be owners. Buy, fix, sell. 

The ones that require residents to be owners may require you to qualify in the park, like anyone else wanting to 'live' there. Even though I have bought and sold several in parks and haven't lived in any, several still required that I qualify. 

Background check usually includes checking for past felonies, evictions, credit and proof of income.

Have fun!

I thought mobile homes were awesome so I bought one.  It's been one hell of a headache because of park management.   Lot Rent, Rules, Neighbors.  It reminds me of high school when having to deal with the neighbors.

The most recent argument has been about the color of my mobile home (which is gray). Believe that or not.

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